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VET Diet Urinary Low Purine dry

Happy Dog VET Diet Urinary Low Purine is used to reduce the formation of calcium oxalate, urate and cystine stones in dogs. A low level of calcium combined with a low vitamin D content and urine alkalinising properties helps to reduce oxalate stone formation. Urinary Low Purine, with its urine alkalinising properties and low level of proteins, excels at reducing the formation of urate and cystine stones. The high-quality protein sources of casein, peas and potato protein were selected for their limited purine and cystine/cysteine contents. The especially tasty recipe for this dietary complete feed has a low purine content and is gentle on both liver and kidneys, making it also suitable for feeding in parallel with treatment for leishmaniasis.

Urine alkalinising properties to reduce oxalate, urate and cystine stone formation
Recipe with selected protein sources and low-purine components such as potatoes and peas
As an antioxidant, vitamin E binds free radicals and guarantees active cell protection
Dietary complete feed for adult dogs for reduction of oxalate, urate and cystine stones formation. Happy Dog VET Diet Urinary Low Purine is only available if recommended by your vet.

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