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Happy Dog – NaturCroq Mini Puppy

The optimal fat and protein content of Happy Dog NaturCroq Mini Puppy provides complete support for puppies and young dogs of small breeds, from 1 to 12 months, for harmonious and healthy growth. Small dogs grow more evenly than medium or large-breed dogs. However, it is during the first twelve months of life that small breed puppies need healthy development. Optimal protein and nutrient intake is therefore essential.

High energy needs in small puppies Puppies
, who discover the world with great curiosity, just like young dogs who play and frolic tirelessly, need more energy than adult dogs. This means that their protein and mineral needs are higher.

Our advice for your puppy to be well-fed:
Up to the age of 4 months, your puppy can receive 4 meals a day.
Until the age of 6 months, give your puppy 3 meals a day.
FROM six months, it is enough to feed him twice a day.
Small breeds weighing up to 10 kg (adult dog weight) can switch to an appropriate adult diet at the earliest age of nine months and should do so no later than 12 months of age.
For adult kibble, we recommend feeding your dog NaturCroq Mini Salmon & Rice or NaturCroq Mini Lamb & Rice.

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