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Dr. Rachelle Jelwan

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Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr. Rachelle Jelwan, DVM, PhD

Dr. Rachelle Jelwan is a compassionate and dedicated veterinarian, holding a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and a PhD, with a deep passion for improving animal welfare and advancing veterinary medicine. With a strong background in animal care and research, Dr. Jelwan brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the well-being of animals.

Background and Expertise

With a commitment to both clinical practice and academic excellence, Dr. Jelwan serves as a Vet Consultant for the animal facility at Lebanese American University, leveraging her expertise in animal medicine. Her extensive knowledge encompasses a wide spectrum of veterinary care, from routine healthcare and surgical procedures to specialized treatments.

As a vet consultant at the Lebanese American University, Dr. Jelwan plays a pivotal role in advising on veterinary matters, contributing to research initiatives, and shaping animal care protocols to ensure the highest standards of care and well-being for animals.

Contributions to Animal Welfare

In addition to her role as a vet consultant, Dr. Jelwan proudly serves as a valued member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). In this capacity, she actively participates in ethical oversight and regulatory compliance for animal research, upholding the highest standards of animal welfare. Dr. Jelwan is deeply committed to ensuring that research involving animals is conducted responsibly and compassionately. She believes in the responsible and ethical treatment of animals, working tirelessly to contribute to advancements in veterinary medicine while championing the welfare and ethical treatment of all animals.

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